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Monday, July 27, 2015

Camp! (authors/illustrators: Lilli and James)

Cheer Camp (dictated by Lilli to Mom):

My first full day at camp on Tuesday, I went to the pool. On Wednesday, I hula-hooped. Thursday I did cheers. Friday James and I were very excited to see Scout [when we came home]. Saturday we went to our friend's house and made a place called "Crab-adise" which is a hotel for crabs. Sunday we went to the beach.

Figure captions:
After camp
This is Crab-adise
Duck dive

Camp PineyWoods (by James):
On Monday I went to Camp Piney Woods. We swam, played dodge ball, and had a lot of fun. Mea and Lilli went to dinner at George and Louie's. On Tuesday at Camp Piney Woods we put on big shrits and rolled around and wrestled in a big plastic sheet covered in paint. Wednesday was AWESOME! We went to the Moultrie YMCA and ziplined. then we had Chick-fil-A for lunch. Then after dinner Aunt Martha came. Thursday at camp we got water guns and spray bottles, filled them with paint, and squirted everybody. Then we went to dinner at the Plaza and it rained on us! Friday was the BEST! We went to the Thomasville YMCA and slid on the waterslide! Then we had Lillle Nero's pizza. We were so excited when we saw Scout. On Saturday, me, Lilli, Mom, and Dad went to Mrs. Mary's house. We played with her grandchildren Sadie, Tate, and Sam. We had fried chicken (delicious) and a brownie for dessert. Sunday we went to the beach and the bay. Tiring!

Picture captions:
My cabin at camp (outside)
My cabin at camp (inside) - curtain for changing
Front view of Hines Hall

Thanks to Coach and Lil for taking care of us all week!!

Lilli and James

Monday, July 20, 2015

Off to camp (guest post by Mom)

James and Lilli are taking a break from their duty as blog author / illustrator this week, since they are both in GA with Coach and Lil attending fun day camps. They will have lots of stories to tell next week! As for the recap of the past week -

Mom had to go to AL for work Mon-Wed, so James and Lilli hung out with Savannah during the day and Dad, Coach, and Lil in the afternoon/evening. They had a fun night roasting marshmallows and making s'mores

A trip to the playground with Dad

Card games with Savannah

And lots of time in the bay with Scout.

On Friday, Lil left to get everything ready in GA, so we had movie night at the guest house. It's a good thing, too, because when we opened the DVD player, we found our Shrek DVD that has been missing for 2 years! (Guess it's been a while since we watched a movie here.)

On Saturday, we had a fun (if hot!) morning at the beach, followed by ice cream and dinner in town. Sunday we packed up for GA, making a brief stop to visit (and swim) with Mr. Jack and Mrs. Gena, our former swim teachers. We caught up with Coach and Lil and then went to see a really wonderful rendition of The Little Mermaid at a local playhouse. Such a fun show! Mom, Dad, and Scout then made their way back to the guest house, minus James and Lilli (which felt very strange!).

PS - Some belated 4th of July pictures -

Monday, July 13, 2015

Adventures in the bay (author: James; illustrator: Lilli)

James: On Monday we went to the pool, played Sleeping Queens (note: a card game), and Monopoly. Tuesday we went to the pool, had lunch, and played Sleeping Queens. Wednesday we got ice cream and went to the bay. On Thursday we had a typical day and after Savannah left we went to the beach. Friday we watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerors Stone. Saturday was really fun. Torrie and Robyn came and we all went to the bay. Dad threw us around a lot. Scout ate some fiddler crabs and then got sick. Sunday we went to the bay again. Dad threw us around even more! What a fun week!

Lilli's captions:
Monday - Swimming in the pool
Tuesday - Playing Monopoly with Savannah
Wednesday - Eating ice cream
Thursday - Boogie boarding at the beach
Friday - Watching Harry Potter for movie night
Every day - Playing cards
Saturday/Sunday - Dad throwing me in the bay

James and Lilli

PS - We also went to check out the turtle nest that Lil and Coach adopted for us! (Top picture) We can't wait to see how many turtles hatch out of it!

Monday, July 06, 2015

S'mores are awesome! (author: James; illustrator: Lilli)

We got to Florida on Monday. Then on Tuesday we went to the beach. The surf wasn’t that great, but it was still a lot of fun building stuff out of sand! The next day Aunt Julia came at about 5:00pm. Thursday we went snorkeling in the bay. On Friday Jim came and we took family pictures. Saturday was the 4th of July. When we went to the beach, we found that the surf was awesome! The fireworks were pretty cool too. Sunday there was a big storm. We got to watch a movie though so it was worth it. We had s’mores and watermelon. We watched USA beat Japan 5-2 in the World Cup. It was a nice week!

Captions for Lilli’s drawings –
Monday – a long car ride, but we finally arrived at the Big House
Tuesday – watching USA vs. Germany
Wednesday – Aunt Julia came
Thursday – we went to the beach and played in the surf
Friday – family pictures
Saturday – fireworks!
Sunday – a big storm blew lots of sticks and palm fronds down out of the trees

Sunday, July 05, 2015

A summer project

Happy 4th of July!

We had a wonderful weekend with Aunt Julia, Jim, Coach, and Lil!

It was a dog party - big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, and white dogs, all at a dog party! (Well, at least Scout had fun - she may have frightened Ace and Stella a bit with her energy and size.)

We had lots of beach time, bay time, food, and merriment. So much fun. I just wish Sophia and Audrey could have been here too.

Starting this week, there will be a bit of a change to the blog - Mom is handing over the reigns to us for the summer! James and I will jointly narrate and photo-document our adventures on our summer vacation. That will probably mean we'll be posting on Mondays or Tuesdays rather than Sunday, but don't worry - the posts will be amazing!


Sunday, June 28, 2015

A very long road trip

First things first – a very special happy birthday to Mama Jennie!! We are so glad that Dad was able to give his birthday wishes in person yesterday. We would have loved to come, but after 18 hours (!!) in the car on Thursday, we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to get in the car again. We will have to have a belated celebration in August when we are back in NC.

As I mentioned above, we had a very long drive to get to Sophia and Audrey’s new house in NC on Thursday. We had basically every possible non-serious delay en route – traffic, construction, torrential rain, etc. Although Scout did find a very big stick to chew on during one of our brief stops.

It is hard to explain how relieved we were to finally get here! We have been making the most of our time with our cousins the last couple of days. 

It is really hot, so we made a quick trip to the store for hot-weather provisions – a pool, a sprinkler, and popsicles!

In the mornings, we’ve taken advantage of the (slightly) cooler weather to plays some girls on boy soccer. It’s a pretty good match-up!

We have also enjoyed exploring Sophia and Audrey’s new home and playing in their awesome new house / yard. Scout is in heaven with a large lawn to explore at her leisure!

Tomorrow we are back on the road to complete our journey to FL. Thankfully it should be a shorter day than Thursday!

Welcome to Caden and Finn who are staying in our house this week while they visit friends. We are so sad to miss seeing them, but we love knowing that they are taking good care of our house! (I am also excited to see what neat things Caden may create with my legos.)


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Dad Day!

Thank you to all the wonderful Dads in our lives! We have enjoyed celebrating with ours today. It was a rainy day, but we made the most of it, with presents for Dad, a yummy breakfast from his favorite bakery, a movie date, and a delicious family dinner. A wonderful final Sunday in MA before our summer vacation!

School gets out on Tuesday, and we have been busy with end-of-year activities. On Friday, my class had a Beach Day, and Mom was able to join us to help us make observations, hypotheses, and even conduct a mini-experiment. (We found more crabs hiding under big rocks than small rocks. And I was the best in my group at picking rocks with crabs underneath!)

We followed the beach field trip with a pizza picnic, where we were joined by Dad. Such a fun day!

Saturday was our final soccer game of the season. James and I both played hard and had lots of fun. We are already looking forward to the fall season!

Next update will come from either NC or FL!!