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Sunday, November 23, 2014

2nd annual Turkey Trot

It's that time of the year again - time for our school turkey trot! The goal is to run as many laps around the track as you can in 20 minutes. We both did a great job - I ran 15, and James ran 22!

Plus we had lots of fun - I even helped pass out straws to James on each lap (so he could keep track of how many he ran).

After the run, it was time for James's last football game of the season.  Thank goodness it was a bit warmer than earlier this week! (James is in the red hat.)

Today, we had a playdate with GG while Mom and Dad went furniture shopping. I'd say we got the best end of that deal! It was a beautiful day, and we played in a huge pile of leaves (that we helped create).

If you're noticing that James looked a little puny in that last picture, you're right - he is now laid up on the couch with a decent fever. Hopefully it's just a quick bug and doesn't affect our plan to host lots of friends for Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.


PS - Happy birthday, Uncle Parks!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

More birthdays!

We had a wonderful rest of the week at the Big House! On Wednesday, we had a special day with Coach while Mom worked and Lil went to Thomasville. We went to the beach and then to the Raw Bar for lunch. It was great!

On Thursday, JuJu came for a visit. As is tradition, she gave Lilli a book for her birthday, and it is so cool!

We both really enjoyed playing with it, and getting to spend time with JuJu.

Although we didn't get to talk to her, we changed the birthday banner in honor of Audrey's birthday on Thursday!

Friday was MUCH cooler (comparable to MA!), but that didn't stop us. We had another yummy Raw Bar lunch and then made a final trip to the beach.

It was too chilly to get in the water, so Lilli and I amused ourselves by running up and down the beach. In the process, we discovered some driftwood that made for really great wands (with some slight "carving" to modify them)

And the sunshine was bright enough that we could test out our cool moves by watching our shadows!

Amos was very impressed.

Friday was also Coach's birthday! Happy birthday, Coach!

We celebrated at the Tap Room (which included a brief but fun visit with Mrs. Kathy and Mr. Mark), and then followed it up with cake and ice cream at home.

We were sad to leave the Big House yesterday. After a pretty uneventful trip home, we were thrilled to see Dad and Scout!  We immediately started putting together the Lego set that Lilli got from GG last week just before we left for FL

While Scout got used to having Mom back at home.

Today is Dad's birthday!!

We started out the day by working as a family to pick up the leaves in our yard (which is quite an undertaking in New England), and then we celebrated by going to Crocker Park and getting ice cream. (Never mind that it's freezing and not actually ice cream weather!)

We imported the birthday banner from FL so that we could celebrate Dad properly.

He cooked a delicious lamb dinner, Mom made his favorite chocolate cake, and Lilli made a special present with her own gift-wrapping.

Happy birthday, Dad! We love you!!


PS - Happy birthday to Grandma on Tuesday!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank yous and birthdays

First of all, thank you to the many men and women (including Uncle Parks and Aunt Lexi) who have served to protect our country! We very much appreciate your efforts. We wrote letters to veterans on Friday at school. Dad was able to come by and help, and I was very pleased with my finished product!

(He also brought in the cupcakes that Mom made so I could celebrate my birthday with my class!)

I also made a veteran using this poem from my teacher.

When we got home, James was inspired to build military vehicles with his legos.  Not sure you can see it from the picture, but the (bald) lego man is Uncle Parks. (We are unflinchingly honest in our quest to depict reality!)

Yesterday, we celebrated my 6th birthday!! It was an awesome day. While Mom worked in the marsh, Lil and I made my birthday cake, and James worked on a banner.

We then went exploring in the bay. It was such a busy morning, I needed a little beauty rest to prepare for the actual birthday celebration!

Once I finally woke up, we went to the beach, and it was so beautiful! James and I had a blast digging in the sand.

After we got home and cleaned up, it was party time! We had a delicious shrimp dinner, followed by cake and ice cream.

We were getting ready to call it a night when Lil remembered that I also had presents! (It's a sign of a good birthday that I hadn't even thought about presents all day!)  I got an awesome new Playmobil set and a cool new outfit.

Even James had a present to open -  a new UGA hat and a football autographed by Guy McIntyre. Pretty cool!

Today, Mom had to do some work again in the morning, but we kept busy with Coach and Lil. First, we went on a super long scooter ride on the bike trail. Then, we helped clean up the trash that a bear spread all over a neighboring property (taking great care to avoid the big piles of poop that the bear left behind!). We even raided the dress up clothes, taking advantage of Lil's new wigs!

After lunch, it was time for the beach again. We declined Mom's suggestion to wear bathing suits, insisting that all we wanted to do was dig.  We started that way...

But of course we were soon in the water!

It was chilly, but that did not deter us.

Tonight, Mrs. Mary came for a visit! We enjoyed seeing her, though by that point we were a bit exhausted and weren't particularly charming. Thank goodness she loves us anyway!

More excitement in store for the next few days. We'll fill you in once we're home!


PS - Happy birthday to Audrey on Thursday, and to Coach on Friday!