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Sunday, June 26, 2016


We are finally on summer vacation, and we've kicked it off well!

Mom and I checked out the Harbor Fest yesterday, where I made this cute little sea turtle for the sand castle building contest

And then went to join Dad and James at his flag football tournament.

We rounded out the first day of vacation with some soccer in the front yard with Estani. A pretty wonderful day!

Today we had more football, followed by a wonderful afternoon at the beach with Sofia and Estani and their family.

It was a beautiful day - James and Dad even braved the cold water!

For our last week of school, my class had a fun beach day. No time in the water, but Christy and I made the most of it!

Friday night we had a fun party for Mom and Dad's labs at the new brewery in town. James and I entertained ourselves for a LONG time with Ms. Pacman. (Thank goodness it didn't require quarters!)

James has sailing camp tomorrow and I have a church camp. One more full week and then we'll celebrate our 1st 4th of July here! (We are usually already in FL.) We are looking forward to celebrating New England style.

Happy summer!


Sunday, June 19, 2016

We love dads!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, especially ours!

We had a busy and fun week. Monday was field day, complete with lots of games, face paint, and prizes.

On Tuesday, Mom and Dad did a presentation for both of our classes about marine ecology, so our friends wrote them thank you notes.

Mom had a visit from her dear friend Allyson early in the week

And then went to NC to see Uncle Parks's change of command ceremony.

Lil did an excellent job on Sophia and Audrey's hair.

We were pretty sad not to be there too, but we were glad she could go. While she was gone, James had his school choir concert.

Turns out he gets pretty bad stage fright! But he likes singing.

Friday night was the town Father-Daughter dance. We all went to dinner at a fancy new restaurant that just opened up

And then Dad and I hit the town.

James and Mom also enjoyed their evening by catching up with Estani and his mom.

Yesterday was our last day of soccer

And today was the flag football championship.

James had a heartbreaking loss in the semi-finals (for the 2nd season in a row!). But we cheered him up with ice cream and family game night outside (bocce ball and corn hole).

This week is the last week of school! We are very excited for summer (and the new books that Torrie and Brian gave us for summer reading).

Thanks to the many wonderful dads in our lives!


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lacrosse Jamboree

Saturday was my last weekend of lacrosse for the season, and boy was it a big one! Three games in one day, all starting at 8am. (I'm #3 in dark blue.)

I was very proud to be named goalie in game 1 based on how well I did in the regular season.

When not in the goal, I hustled and almost scored a goal of my own!

In the end, we were 3-0. It was a fun way to wrap up the season.

While Mom and I were at lacrosse, James played soccer. By the time we got home, it was rainy and everyone was tired, so we had a quiet afternoon and then watched Harry Potter for movie night. We haven't watched it in a long time, and it was fun to relive our visit to the Wizarding World last spring while watching.

Today was a no sport day! First one in a while. We went to a get together with some friends, and then Mom picked up her dear friend Allyson from the airport. A delicious pizza night later, and we're ready for the new week! Only 10 days of school left!!!


Sunday, June 05, 2016

Piano recital

We had our first piano recital today! We were a bit nervous

But we both did well and were proud of ourselves. Thanks to Torrie for coming to listen, and giving us each a beautiful bouquet of flowers to honor the occasion!

The morning started out with a rainy and chilly soccer double header for me, and a date for Lilli and Meredith (her doll) at the coffee shop with Dad.

(Mom thinks Dad and Lilli got the better end of that deal.)

After the recital, it was time for flag football! It was also rainy and chilly, but it was a close game. We ended up losing by one point. Good thing I had flowers from Torrie to perk me up!

Yesterday, Lilli had a fun playdate with her friend Lila. They rode their bikes to the beach and got ice cream!

Scout and I hung out watching a replay of a basketball game.

Although today was very gray and chilly, we have had some nice weather lately! Here's a pic of Mom and Scout enjoying the sun on the front porch one day this week. (Notice our newly painted yellow house in the background!)


Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to the many men and women who have given up so much for our country! We appreciate it.

We spent most of our long weekend on the soccer field for a tournament with my favorite team - The Lightning. (That's me in the backfield.)

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny, dare we say it - HOT - day!

Sunday, in contrast, was definitely not hot! It was so chilly and damp, Lilli and the other sisters huddled together in the back of the car sipping hot chocolate!

Despite the change in weather, the tournament was a success. We went 3-1, got a pretty cool trophy, and I was chosen by the opposing team to get the Sportsmanship medal in the final game.

Once soccer was finally over, we celebrated with some delicious pizza and a visit with Torrie and Tarzan. (I think Dad picked up some additional pizza-making skills in Italy!)

Today is too rainy to venture out for the Memorial Day celebrations, so we're having a quiet morning at home. We're hoping the sun will come out for an afternoon cookout with Torrie and Brian.