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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween piano party

On Saturday we went to our 2nd Halloween piano party! Like last year, we had to leave early, but at least this time it wasn't because one of us was sick - it was because I had to get to my soccer game. We were supposed to dress up in our costumes for the party, and luckily for me, I am going as a soccer player this year, so it all worked out! I played "In Dreams" from Lord of the Rings

And Lilli played "Witch's Broom". Mom took videos of both of us but is having a hard time loading them. She'll try again later this week.

As usual, there was also lots of soccer this weekend - 1 game for Lilli and 2 for me. (No wins. We are building LOTS and LOTS of character this season.)

This afternoon, I also participated in a 3-mile walk with the other 4th grade Leaders from my school to raise money for the local food pantry.

It was windy and chilly, but fun!

One other cool note from this week - I was reading through a record book that I got at my school library, and discovered that GA has the largest Sports Hall of Fame of any other state.

And it just so happens that Coach was inducted into that HOF a few years ago, so I've actually visited it! Very cool.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall is busy

 We've had a lot of school holidays lately, but that hasn't kept us from being really busy! After a break from sports last weekend, we certainly had our share this weekend, with 5 separate sporting events yesterday, and 1 today! Most of it was James, but I did have my soccer game early yesterday morning and kept up my scoring streak with 2 goals.

While Mom and James went to soccer double header for him, Dad and I went to the Open House at the marine lab. I was very helpful, if only briefly!

In the evening, while Mom, Dad, and James went to a flag football double header (yes, that's double headers for 2 different sports in one day!), I went to my friend Sadie's for a sleepover. James came to join us to spend the night with Sadie's brother Micah when football was over, and we both had lots of fun!

Scout, on the other hand, spent all day playing with Tarzan!

Today, Mom and James trekked an hour away for the final sport of the weekend - another soccer game. Neither of them were excited about the drive, but it was a beautiful day, and they got to see lots of fall colors! The game wasn't over until 1pm, so they found a cute local cafe that serves breakfast all day. James was tired from the busy weekend, but he enjoyed his blueberry pancakes!

We had a pretty quiet afternoon / evening in preparation for our first full week of school in a while. Looking forward to getting back into the routine!


Sunday, October 09, 2016

A perfect TEN!

Double digits! That's what I am now - 10 years old. Can you believe it?

We have had an amazing week. On Tuesday, I got to celebrate with an early birthday present from Coach and Lil - tickets to meet author Rick Riordan at the release of his new book, Magnus Chase!

He has been one of my favorite authors for quite a while now, and it was amazing to hear him speak

And then get to talk to him while he signed my books!

Lilli loves his books too - we have read lots aloud, and she just started reading some of them on her own - so she was pretty excited to meet him too.

And double bonus - we got to meet Jeff Kinney (author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books), because he owns the bookstore where the event was taking place!

Many thanks to Coach and Lil for the tickets (and to Torrie who managed to snag the tickets for us in the first few minutes they went on sale)! I read all the way home (with my head lamp).

Friday was a pretty great day too. First, they announced my birthday at school

And then we had a family birthday celebration that night.

I got some more awesome gifts that I love, making sure to keep my favorite stuffed animals nearby for the festivities.

And then we had cake and ice cream with Torrie and Brian.

Saturday was an unusually quiet day, other than the fact that it was by TENTH BIRTHDAY! We didn't have sports this weekend, so we got to eat pancakes, hang out, and prep for my party that night at the marine lab.

We played soccer for a bit

Checked out some of the touch tanks, and then settled in for pizza, popcorn, and a movie.

I had such a wonderful time - as I told Mom and Dad on the way home, "I'm really living the life."

But wait - it doesn't stop there!! The celebration continued this morning with presents from my friends (that we were too tired to open last night), and best of all, tickets to see Blue Man Group in Boston!

We were in the 'poncho section', though we actually didn't get sprayed with anything. It was such a fun show! We followed it up with dinner and then found one of the Boston 2016 Street Pianos so we could play some music for passersby.

We played beautifully, but there weren't many passersby because of all the rain. It was still cool to play a piano in the middle of the city!

We are so thankful that all of our family and friends in GA, SC, and NC are safe after the hurricane this week. Even in the midst of all our celebrating, we have been thinking of you!


Sunday, October 02, 2016

The beginning of birthday season

The arrival of October brings birthday season to our family! Sophia kicks it off on Thursday (Happy Birthday, Sophia!!!)

And James follows on Saturday. We've been preparing for his celebration, with some shopping yesterday and some cake baking today! Plus, he's had a few early birthday presents. After soccer rainouts yesterday morning, he had a good flag football game last night and an even better soccer game today

With 2 goals!

Then, he and Dad joined his friend Jay and his dad at the Patriots game!

It was not the best game for the Patriots, but they did get to witness a (dubious) record - the first time the Patriots were shut out at home since 1993! They managed to have fun anyway - it was a great way to kick off his birthday week.

While Dad and James were gone all day, I had a fun playdate with Sofia that included a dance party in the kitchen.

James and I have tomorrow and Tuesday off for Rosh Hashanah, so we're looking forward to lots of time with Sofia and Estani. And then on Tuesday, we get to enjoy one of James's other birthday presents - a reading and book signing with author Rick Riordan!

He is one of James's favorite authors, and I like everything of his that we have read aloud. Thanks, Coach and Lil!!!

James's party is next Saturday, so we'll update you on that next week!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Apples and pumpkins

Happy fall! Although it's hard to believe it's already the end of September, the weather turned here this weekend and it definitely feels like fall. To mark the new season, we went pumpkin and apple picking today with Torrie!

It was a beautiful, if chilly, day - we were not the only ones who thought of apple picking today! But the farm was spacious and we had a good time. Lilli went to a spend-the-night party last night, so she sacked out on the way home (wearing the eye mask she got from the party that says - I survived Valentine's slumber party).

Aside from apples and pumpkins, it was a sports-filled weekend. Lilli played well in her game yesterday morning, though her team is not likely to accumulate many wins this season. Here she is warming up against me.

My town soccer team tied our opponent yesterday, and then I lost another flag football game (though not by quite as many points as last week).

Today, I scored my first goal of the season, and the first goal for my entire team this season!

My goal was all that was needed to get us started, and we went on to win 4-3.

Yesterday, I also got to pick up my instrument of choice for school band this year - percussion! For 4th grade, that means a glockenspiel and snare drum. (Let's just say that Mom is not thrilled, but I am!)

Last week was a busy one for Mom and Dad, with both of them traveling for different parts of the week. Torrie helped fill in the gap by walking us to school one morning,

And we thanked her by giving our first (of many) gift to the coming baby!

It's a mini-Tarzan, complete with a blue collar that Lilli crocheted herself. We think baby boy is going to love it.

We're hoping this week is a little less busy than last!