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Monday, August 25, 2014

Vacation in Vermont

We celebrated our last week of summer vacation to its fullest! James and I went to camp - he had basketball and I had gymnastics.  On the last day, we had 'super hero day', and Dad was able to come watch my performance!

(I was Batgirl - in all pink, of course.)

James had a basketball game at the end of his camp, and we all watched him play.

He did really well!

We also had another fun beach playdate with Micah, Sadie, Jack Henry, Oliver, and Charlotte.  We will miss these weekly get togethers!

On Saturday, we packed up for an awesome weekend with Torrie, Brian, and Tarzan at their lake house in Vermont!  The lake was beautiful, if a little chilly, but that didn't stop me from jumping right in with my mask, snorkel, and flippers to see what I could see!

James was a bit less excited about getting in the water, but he learned to skip rocks from Brian.

On Sunday, we went out in the boat!  First we found a quiet little cove where we could explore

Find salamanders,

And lounge about.

Then, James and I had our first experience riding on an inner tube behind the boat!  It was so much fun!

After half an hour or so, I needed an Oreo break on the boat,

But James kept on going all day!

We all crashed (including Scout, who wore herself out playing and wrestling with Tarzan) when we got back.

We had a lazy morning today before heading back home.   

Tomorrow we're going to enjoy our last day of vacation by going whale watching!  I sure hope we see lots of whales.  Then, on Wednesday, it's time for school.  Lil and Coach sent us cool bags for back to school

And I've made sure that Teddy is ready with a new outfit and crown (though of course she won't get to go with me to kindergarten).

We'll be sure to fill you in about kindergarten and 2nd grade next week!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Children's Island

This week was awesome! Lilli and I had a blast at Children's Island.  We learned songs, hunted for beach glass, kayaked, swam, played fun games, and basically had the best camp experience ever.  Here's my map of the island.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mom and Dad were able to come over on the boat to join us for an evening cookout.

They thought it was a pretty magical place too, despite the very windy weather! It was extra nice that our good friend GG was there all week too.

Friday was our last day of Children's Island, and we had Color Wars.  Despite the fact that Lilli and my team (we were both blue) won, we still thought it was wonderful.  When Mom picked us up, we went to Hadley to find out who our new teachers are!

My good friend Jay is in my class again this year, which I'm excited about.  Lilli doesn't really know anyone in her class, but she's excited anyway!

After the big teacher news, we went to the beach to meet some friends for a pizza night playdate at the beach.  (Can you tell we're trying to make the most of our last couple of weeks of summer?)

It was lots of fun, and we were absolutely exhausted when we got home that night.

(Scout loves when we sleep in Lilli's room because my bed is on the floor and she can climb right in there with me.)

Yesterday we took Scout to the marine lab so she could run around a bit.  I think Lilli and I may have enjoyed it even more than her, which is saying a lot!

Today, Dad and I went to see the Red Sox play the Astros, compliments of my baseball coach. 

We had great seats, and I ate a ton of popcorn!

(All of it.  Every last bite.)

Lilli and Mom had a fun afternoon too - making cookies, riding bikes, and hanging out with GG for a bit.

When we haven't been busy with Children's Island and other activities this week, we've been playing Quidditch in the front yard (capes, broomsticks, and all!).

Our bocce ball set provides the perfect snitch.

By hanging on the apple tree with one arm, we can even "fly" on our broomsticks.

(You'll note that our feet are not touching the ground!) Scout loves to sit and watch us play.

This week it's basketball for me and gymnastics for Lilli.  Our last full week of summer!  Hard to believe.


PS - Our turtle nest hatched this week, and Lil was able to be there to give us the full account!  She helped rescue these 3 hatchlings that were then released into the Gulf. Pretty cool!