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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Snow (with lots more on the way!)

We had our first measurable snow this weekend, and James and I were so excited! We woke up Saturday to a couple of inches and immediately suited up to go outside to play. James worked tirelessly to build a sledding hill in the front yard, and he waited patiently for the snow plows to help him out. But apparently a few inches is not sufficient for them to use our front yard as a deposition site. We still managed to have fun, though! And Scout absolutely loved it!

Thankfully, there wasn’t enough snow to cancel our Saturday sports, so we both had a chance to play basketball.

Later in the afternoon, it was time for skating!  Then we topped it off with an evening get together with friends down the street. A busy day!

Today was mellower. We played in the yard again in the morning, and then Mom and James worked on his school project that is due this week. He was tasked with “making or doing” something, and he wanted to do an experiment. Mom presented him with some options, and he chose the one that involved making an electrical circuit with his shoelaces that lights up an LED.

It works!

In the afternoon, we went to a proper sledding hill to try out our sleds that Uncle Parks and Aunt Lexi gave us for Christmas. They are super fast, and even better, they are easy to carry back up the hill!

We are due for 2+ feet of snow on Monday night / Tuesday, so it’s likely we’ll get plenty more sledding in this week.

The only other big news from this week is that I received an honesty award at a school assembly on Friday. My teacher nominated me, and they called me up in front of everyone to get my certificate. I was pretty nervous, but then I saw James cheering for me in the crowd and I felt much better!

Stay tuned next week for stories of this ‘historic’ blizzard that is approaching!


PS – Thank you to Aunt Martha for the awesome wand! It is much more real than our other wands, and I have been practicing some simple spells all week. I’m sure I’ll get them soon!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Long weekend

Mom finally took some pictures of our weekend activities! We kicked the weekend off early with Lilli’s basketball at 8am Saturday morning. Dad is out of town, so I went too. She’s getting pretty good!

We went home long enough to play a bit and have an early lunch, and then it was back to the gym for my turn. (That’s me in the orange shorts.)

A snack later, and it was off to skating! (Scout was pretty tired of being put in her crate by the end of the day yesterday.)  We did some really cool things at skating, including spinning in a circle, turning and stopping, and weaving in and out of cones. Mom was very impressed!

Today was a bit mellower, though no less fun. We took advantage of the mild (40 degree) weather and took Scout to the beach.

We all enjoyed getting out after the frigid (5 degree) weather yesterday! After the beach, Lilli and I went to our friends Leo and Lila’s house for a playdate. What fun! We thought we were having a pretty good day, until we learned that Dad was eating lunch, outside, in sunny weather, with Coach, Lil, and Amos!

Although we are happy for Dad, there are so many things wrong with that picture. First and foremost, WE are not there!

To lift our spirits, Mom and Lilli made some yummy oatmeal-chocolate chip-M&M cookies, and then we went to GG’s for a yummy dinner, followed by yet another Michael Jackson dance party. (If you remember, that was the way we celebrated Christmas Eve also.) The fun and dancing wore us, and Scout, completely out!

We get another day at home with Mom tomorrow to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. We’re going to take advantage of free skate and hopefully get outside some more. We’re looking forward to getting Dad home on Tuesday night!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Back to the grind

Well, it wasn't quite as bad as the title implies, but this week did wear us all out! Coach and Lil left early Monday morning, and then it was 'back to normal' for us - school for James and me, work for Mom and Dad, and lots of time in the crate for Scout. And it was COLD! (I mean, really cold, like -17 wind chill cold.) But we survived, and it's been a nice weekend. Yesterday was busy with basketball and skating lessons (and no pictures). Today, we went on a long bike ride / hike and have had lots of time to play, read, and do art at home.

Speaking of art, here is my gentle reminder to Dad not to forget to take the snowflake I made him to work like he did last week -

("Dear Dad, Please take your snowflake to work on Monday")

I'm getting to be an expert note writer!


PS - Happy birthday, Owen! We hope you had a great one!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy 2015!!

We've had a wonderful end to 2014 and beginning of 2015! There were a few very quiet days there between Christmas and the arrival of our Hughes family when we mastered our puzzle skills

And Lilli mastered the awesome engineering set that Lindsay and Michael so kindly sent.

(Of course, I read lots of books.)

Then it was time for a whirlwind of fun! Aunt Julia and Jim arrived first, and we had a nice night catching up with Aunt Julia and getting to know Jim. The next day, "the cousins" arrived (aka Sophia and Audrey, of course with Uncle Parks and Aunt Lexi), as did Coach and Lil! It was so much fun to have a full house. The kids got in some good playing time, and the grown-ups enjoyed watching UGA win their bowl game. Coach even brought me some eye black to help cheer them on! (I only trusted Uncle Parks to apply it.)

On New Year's Eve, Aunt Lexi and Mom took the kids to see The Light Princess in Cambridge. It was our second year running, and we loved it just as much, or maybe even more, this time! In the afternoon, it was finally time to do our Hughes family Christmas. That's right - we rang in 2015 with more presents!

Scout, of course, was right in the middle of things with us.

Aunt Julia gave Lilli some makeup, and she quickly shared it with Sophia! Don't they look great?

On New Year's Day, we trekked out to the marine lab with the intention of running off some extra energy, but it was COLD, and all we managed to do was shelter in the greenhouse and then tour the lab.

Back at home, we burned off that energy with noise makers and marches around the house to celebrate 2015!

That afternoon Mom and Lil cooked up a big feast, the kids played

and everyone else vegged out watching football. (Minus us kids, they were a pretty sorry bunch!)

Aunt Julia and Jim had to leave the next day, and we were sad to see them go. To cheer ourselves up, we went ice skating!

Dad and I each perfected our wipeout, but everyone else mostly stayed on their feet!

That night it was Dad's turn to cook an epic dinner that was so good that apparently none of the grown-ups remembered to go to sleep on time!

Yesterday, it was time to say goodbye to Sophia, Audrey, Uncle Parks, and Aunt Lexi. We were very bummed to see them go - we so love visiting with them!   

Thank goodness we still had a few days with Lil and Coach. They helped Lilli make some delicious banana muffins yesterday,

And then Lilli and I went to our first skating lesson of the season. We got all of our kinks out the day before and both did an excellent job! I was pretty proud of my swizzles and stopping. (That's me in front in the black and grey, and Lilli behind me in pink.)

Last night we had our first snow of the holidays! It was pretty when we went to bed, but by morning it had all turned to rain and slush. Undeterred, we ventured out to the Harvard Museum of Natural History to explore.

So many cool things to see! We topped it off with lunch at a great place recommended by Torrie. This afternoon we are taking it easy in preparation for Coach and Lil's departure early tomorrow and our return to school. It will be good to get back into a routine, but we are sad to see the end of the holiday, and especially sad to say goodbye to all of our family! Hopefully we can see them all again soon.

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful 2015!