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Sunday, May 17, 2015


We had dinner with some friends last night and they introduced James and me to the card game “War”.  Mom and Dad couldn’t believe they had forgotten that particular gem of a time killer, so today we went out to get some cards and started playing! We haven’t had a truly epic game yet, but it definitely ate up some of our afternoon today.

Earlier today James had a football game. Here he is getting inspected by the ref before the game

And here he is playing QB.

It was not the Raiders best game – the team they were playing was pretty darn good – but it was a beautiful day and a fun way to spend some time on a Sunday.

The other big news of the week is that James finally lost his tooth!

I facilitated by hitting him in the mouth with a nerf ball (it was an errant throw that had a good result), and that was just enough to bump the tooth out. The tooth fairy waited around an extra night so that Mom could see the tooth when she got home from her trip to CA. She came through the 2nd night though, with a delivery of chocolate coins and $2 in quarters.

The weather was pretty nice this week – still not terribly warm, but not cold either – and Molly took us hunting for beach glass. We didn’t collect much, but we had fun!

We are headed out to enjoy the afternoon with a family game of bocce ball before our weekly pizza dinner. Happy Sunday!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

We love Moms!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms in our lives! We have celebrated Mom all weekend, starting with a Mother’s Day Tea with Lilli’s class on Friday.

They have been preparing for this tea for weeks, as you can tell from all of the special items Mom came home with!

She felt very loved indeed.

Yesterday we played soccer in the morning, which was much more fun without the stomach bug I had last weekend.

We spent the afternoon running errands and doing chores around the house, but we had a really fun dinner with Torrie (and Tarzan!) on the back patio last night. Our first picnic dinner of 2015! We made it a fun one, with a fire in the chimney, lots of music and laughter, and even sticking around for the first stars of the evening!

Today we let Mom sleep in and then Dad made her a yummy breakfast of eggs and scones. We gave her our presents (new running shoes and a new running hat, both of which she requested). Then it was time for my football game.

It was actually hot! Well, mid-80s, but it sure felt hot. (We are going to be in trouble in FL in July!)

This afternoon we’re going to keep the party going by sharing our Sunday night pizza night with GG and Dr. Jon. It feels like summer, so it’s hard to remember that we have school tomorrow!

Happy Mother’s Day to Mama Jennie, Grandma, Lil, and all the other wonderful moms that we love!


Sunday, May 03, 2015


We rang in the month of May with a very fun weekend visiting with Sophia, Audrey, Uncle Parks, and Aunt Lexi.

They arrived Friday evening and relieved Molly, who stayed with us Thursday and Friday while Mom and Dad were gone for a work meeting. Uncle Parks even got to see the end of James’s flag football practice!

On Saturday, Sophia and Audrey came to soccer to help cheer James and me on. It was great to get back on the soccer field!

James was excited to learn a new song on the keyboard from Aunt Lexi – he is now a pro at Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!

We played at home after lunch, and then took an afternoon stroll down to my school to play on the playground. Turns out we had more fun playing in the sand/dirt on the field!

While we were playing, James went to a swimming birthday party (inside) and had fun on the slide.

To round out the day, we watched a movie. Audrey even let Dad snuggle up with her to watch!

We were sad to say goodbye to everyone early this morning, but they had to get on the road to make it to a memorial service for Aunt Lexi’s grandmother. We wish they could have visited longer!

It was a beautiful day today, just perfect for watching James’s flag football game (and trying out the awesome camp chairs that Coach and Lil gave us for Christmas!).

After the game, Mom and I checked out a whale exhibit inside the school. I got to go inside the (inflated) whale and learn all about humpbacks! 

Pretty cool.

Mom and James aren’t feeling 100% today, so we took it easy the rest of the afternoon. Hopefully everyone is better tomorrow!


PS – Happy, happy birthday, Lil! Wish we could have shared some birthday cake with you.

PPS – Happy birthday to Aunt Julia tomorrow!

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Spring sports are nearly in full swing! Chris helped inspire us by finishing 91st in the Boston Marathon on Monday, despite truly awful race conditions. He even let us try on his medal when he got back!

He and Jonathan were also great sports about playing lots of games with Lilli and me.

We were sad to wake up Tuesday to find that everyone was gone!

Lilli and I enjoyed our spring break “camp” this week. We hosted a fun dinner with Torrie, Brian, and Mom and Dad’s good friend Susan on Thursday night. Susan was kind enough to bring us cool shirts from Bodega Bay! Then we got in some extra time with Molly on Friday since Mom and Dad were busy with a work event. Yesterday was our day to rest and relax, so we first went to Seaside Park to play, and then we took Scout to the beach.

It was a really low tide, and we had fun puttering around even though it wasn’t very warm!

Today we went to a sports birthday party for our friend Micah, and then I had my first flag football game. We won! It was lots of fun.

I’ve been helping Dad in the kitchen a bit lately, so I’m excited that it’s pizza night and I can grate some cheese!


PS – We found part! I’m not sure if we’d admitted she was missing here on the blog, but it’s been pretty sad around our house the last few weeks because we couldn’t find her. Lilli was taking it pretty well, but we were all thrilled when Mom discovered her on top of Lilli’s play house!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


We have had a great visit with Grandma, Bobbie, Chris, and Jonathan! They arrived late Friday night. James and I were up bright and early Saturday to see them and start the fun! The weather has been sunny and warm (for here), so we’ve spent lots of time outside climbing the apple tree

Playing basketball

Doing my nails

And just generally having a good time.

Today we went to Crocker Park and then had a nice lunch. 

Everyone needed some down time after lunch, so James read a book and I played with my Playmobil (while Scout kept me company).

Chris will be running the Boston Marathon tomorrow – we will be cheering him on from home! Cross your fingers that the rainy and windy weather holds off until he finishes.

We will be sad to say goodbye to everyone on Tuesday.

James and I have spring break this week! Mom and Dad aren’t finished with their semester yet, so we’ll be sticking close to home. But we’re looking forward to some time to relax and enjoy the spring weather!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Oh, what a difference a day makes!

Here is Lilli sledding in our back yard the Friday before Easter (just a little over a week ago!)

And then here we are 2 days later enjoying the warmth of Florida!

We had a wonderful visit with Coach, Lil, and Amos, starting with a visit from the Easter Bunny who managed to find us even in FL!

Lilli and I found lots of eggs and had plenty of fun surprises in our baskets. (Check out my new shark tooth necklace!)

Lilli wasn’t sure whether the Easter Bunny would find us or not, so she came prepared with her own costume in case we needed it.

Next on the agenda – proper FL footwear!

We also made trips to the bay

And the beach.

On Monday, we got out our scooters

And went to check out the eagle and owl nests that Lil has been observing.

We didn’t get a picture of the eagles, but check out the horned owl sitting on her nest in the top of this tree!

Pretty cool.

Coach and I had several epic checker matches (and I finally won once!).

Lilli enjoyed playing with the big house toys

And checking out the amazingly complete snake skin that Lil found near the guest house.

We also went to the state park to climb the dunes (on the trail, of course) and play in the sand.

Mom had to leave Monday to drive to AL for some work, but we stayed for some epic beach and bay time!

And lots of treats, including visits to the Tap Room, the Raw Bar, and to get ice cream.

We even finished the nearly impossible sea star puzzle, just in time for Mom to get back on our last night!

It was a wonderful vacation. Thanks for letting us visit, Coach and Lil! 

We appear to have brought back some good weather with us, because after a cold and rainy first day back on Friday, it has been a beautiful weekend. Yesterday we played with Micah and Sadie, and today we met some friends at the playground and then went to get ice cream. I think everyone in MA had the same idea! It’s fun to see our neighbors again.

We’re looking forward to Grandma’s arrival on Friday!


PS - Congratulations to Mom's cousin Sarah on her wedding this weekend!