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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall is in the air

We are truly settling in to our new school routine, and boy, are we busy!  (Apparently too busy to take many pictures this week.)  On Monday, Lilli was feeling better but stayed home from school just to be sure.  She brightened Mom's office with some nice white board drawings of the view from the big house

And tubing in VT.

Then they went to the library and got Lilli and me our very own library cards!  We are very excited.

I have soccer practice on Monday afternoons - I'm really enjoying all the soccer!

On Tuesday, we worked on the awesome puzzle that Torrie gave us that features Lilli and me tubing in VT!

Mom and Dad got to go to our school Thursday evening for Open House and meet our teachers, see some of our work, etc. Mom especially liked my rendition of walking up the drive to the big house.

Yesterday we each played soccer in the morning (at the same time but at different fields, so Mom and Dad have to alternate weeks)

Had a brief break for lunch and a rest

And then I had my first flag football practice!  I'm on the Dolphins, and I'm loving my new reversible jersey.  (If only I had some turquoise pants to go with it!) Dad is helping coach my team, so he wasn't able to get any good pictures - we'll try to do better next week.

The temperature plummeted last night and today really feels like fall.  Scout seems to be a little perplexed at the cool weather!  She is in for a real shock come winter.


Sunday, September 07, 2014


Now that school has started, it's time for fall sports! Soccer started yesterday, and James was very happy to play again for the first time in a couple of seasons.

He scored several goals, and even got in some good time at goalie! (Flag football was postponed until next week, but we did watch UNC win their game!)

Since then, he's wanted to practice non-stop, so we went back to the park in Marblehead today so that he and Dad could take turns shooting on one another.

Now you may be wondering why there are no pictures of me playing soccer yesterday? That's because I spent most of the day like this -

Battling a very high fever.  I still have it today, but I'm feeling much perkier, so I did join in the fun at the park today

As did Scout.

I can't wait to join my team next weekend!

I'll be home again tomorrow, but hopefully after that I'll be back on track. I don't like missing any of kindergarten!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to school

Lilli is officially a schoolkid now! She started kindergarten and I started 2nd grade on Wednesday. 

Mom and Dad walked us both to school - they are very happy to have only one drop-off location every morning now!  After not much hot weather to speak of all summer, the temperature was blazing on Wednesday, so we were fairly sticky and tired when Mom picked us up.  Thank goodness for popsicles on the patio!

We had another good day on Thursday, and then it was back to vacation for a 4 day weekend! We finally had a chance to hang out with Molly on Friday, which was wonderful. And our friend Ben is coming to visit today with his mom, so we're pretty excited about that.  Otherwise, we've layed low this weekend. Mom and I went to the library yesterday and picked up more Boxcar Children for read-aloud and a pile of other books for me. One of them is part of a series about kids who find their Spirit Animals and go on lots of adventures. Lilli and I have taken a brief break from our Harry Potter mania to try out our own spirit animals, making great use of my bow and arrow and some re-purposed Star Wars costumes. Scout loves all the time outside - we've really worn her out!

But wait, I nearly forgot to tell you about whale watching on Tuesday! After a very chilly and long boat ride to start things out,

We finally got to a good spot and saw our first humpback whale!

He or she was very active (and possibly not thrilled that our boat was nearby), slapping its tail several times and even breaching (jumping all the way out of the water) twice!

Pretty awesome to see, although I sure hope we didn't bother the whale too much. The ride back was much warmer - notice the change of attire!

Happy labor day and back to school to everyone!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Vacation in Vermont

We celebrated our last week of summer vacation to its fullest! James and I went to camp - he had basketball and I had gymnastics.  On the last day, we had 'super hero day', and Dad was able to come watch my performance!

(I was Batgirl - in all pink, of course.)

James had a basketball game at the end of his camp, and we all watched him play.

He did really well!

We also had another fun beach playdate with Micah, Sadie, Jack Henry, Oliver, and Charlotte.  We will miss these weekly get togethers!

On Saturday, we packed up for an awesome weekend with Torrie, Brian, and Tarzan at their lake house in Vermont!  The lake was beautiful, if a little chilly, but that didn't stop me from jumping right in with my mask, snorkel, and flippers to see what I could see!

James was a bit less excited about getting in the water, but he learned to skip rocks from Brian.

On Sunday, we went out in the boat!  First we found a quiet little cove where we could explore

Find salamanders,

And lounge about.

Then, James and I had our first experience riding on an inner tube behind the boat!  It was so much fun!

After half an hour or so, I needed an Oreo break on the boat,

But James kept on going all day!

We all crashed (including Scout, who wore herself out playing and wrestling with Tarzan) when we got back.

We had a lazy morning today before heading back home.   

Tomorrow we're going to enjoy our last day of vacation by going whale watching!  I sure hope we see lots of whales.  Then, on Wednesday, it's time for school.  Lil and Coach sent us cool bags for back to school

And I've made sure that Teddy is ready with a new outfit and crown (though of course she won't get to go with me to kindergarten).

We'll be sure to fill you in about kindergarten and 2nd grade next week!