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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A big trip

James and I had a wonderful week with Lil! She got to see all of our sports (which is a lot!), join us for piano, read to James's class, walk us to school, and still find time for making pancakes, playing Clue, and making crystals!

Meanwhile, Mom and Dad were enjoying Italy! Mom gave a seminar at a marine lab in Naples (the first one in the world!)

They explored Florence and all its amazing art/architecture

Road several trains

Saw the ruins in Pompei

Checked out the coast and a neat lemon/orange grove

And they appear to have eaten a lot of pizza and gelato!

They even found some Roman numerals for James to decode

And a Medusa shield for me

They had a lot of fun, and so did we, so it was a win for everyone! Thanks very much to Coach and Amos for sharing Lil with us for the week.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring sports in New England

It was a sports-filled weekend! Saturday morning started with early soccer games for Lilli and me.

It was a beautiful day - nearly 80 degrees! - and it was lovely to play outside. After soccer, we made our weekly trip to the library and then Lilli had a playdate

And I had football practice. It was so beautiful out that we had a picnic dinner on our back patio with Torrie and Brian. We were all convinced that summer was nearly here.

And then the weather turned, and today was a much different day. We shivered through another early morning soccer game, then a mid-afternoon football game, and then an evening lacrosse game.

It seemed to get colder as the day went on! Crazy New England.

Lilli also spent some time this weekend working on a braille worksheet from school - you make the dots with glue, and then you can learn the alphabet! Pretty neat.

We are getting very excited for a visit from Lil on Tuesday!!!


PS - Here is a pic of me running the 1-mile race a few weeks ago (from the local newspaper).

Monday, May 09, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!

A belated Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms in our lives! We were happy to have Mom return on Friday from a work trip to SC. (She sent us this picture from the marsh while she was there.) Especially since James came down with a stomach bug that morning and needed a little extra TLC. His illness combined with lots of rain meant that it was a relaxing and sports-lite weekend! I played soccer on Saturday morning and then had a Mother's Day lacrosse game yesterday.

The rains held off for my game, and my coach even treated all the moms with a flower after the game!

James and I made cards for Mom and gave her some new solar lanterns to hang in our apple tree.

We also played several fun games of corn hole to celebrate the (relatively) nice weather when we got home from lacrosse.

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day too!


PS - Belated happy birthday to Lil and Aunt Julia!

Sunday, May 01, 2016

A personal best

Friday night, our town had a 1 mile fun run known as the Swamp Challenge. As soon as Mom told us about it, Lilli and I were in! We even convinced Mom to run at the last minute, mostly because Lilli was concerned about running by herself. Turns out, we did pretty well - I was first out of all the kids with a time of 7 1/2 minutes, and Lilli came in 2nd among the 7 year old girls in under 10 minutes!

We were pretty proud.

We continued the sports theme throughout the weekend. While Mom was off at a meeting at a really pretty spot in Maine

Lilli played soccer Saturday AM and I played soccer Saturday afternoon. In the interim, we played down at our friends' house. Today was even crazier - I had two soccer games in a town 1.5 hours away this morning, then a flag football game in the afternoon. Mom made it to the game in time to see me catch my 3rd interception, which also made me proud. Then we went to Lilli's lacrosse game, where she got to try goalie for the first time. It involves a lot of gear!

She did great - she saved 3 goals, including one that bounced off her face mask!

We are all pretty exhausted from all our weekend activities!


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Keeping the tooth fairy in business

On Sunday night after Mom told you about the tooth I lost last week, I lost ANOTHER one! I can hardly keep my mouthguard in my mouth for lacrosse.

We were on spring break last week, so we went to camp in the mornings and played at home in the afternoons. It was a beautiful week for the most part, so we enjoyed it. Mom picked us up on Thursday after being at home with Coach and Lil for a few days, and we celebrated the 60 degree weather with a trip to the library followed by ice cream!

We started outdoor soccer this weekend, so we are fully enmeshed in spring sports. James and I both had a game early on Saturday, and then James had flag football practice in the afternoon. Today, James had his first club soccer game, and then we split up so that Mom and I could go to my lacrosse game

And Dad and James could go to his flag football game. It was a beautiful afternoon, but we weren't very good about documenting it with pictures!

Mom brought back a little gift for us from Coach - these really cool turtle charms! We immediately made necklaces so that we can wear them every day. Thanks!

Back to school tomorrow!


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another visit from the tooth fairy

I lost another tooth!

Although it looks like I would have difficulty eating, I also visited the dentist this week and she said that everything looked A-ok. As Lil said, I probably should have gotten a discount since there weren't many teeth to clean!

We've had a fun and pretty relaxing weekend. Mom and Dad had a work event Friday night, so we hung out with Molly. (We LOVE Molly.)

We also worked on our latest Kiwi / Tinker Crates. We love when they arrive each month!

Yesterday, Mom surprised us with the DVD of the new Star Wars movie. Torrie came over to watch it with us, and she even surprised us with some fun Star Wars themed toys, including this maze that, as the name suggests, has James and me totally perplexed!

Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather to get outside with a nice visit to Crocker Park. Like true New Englanders, we followed it up with some ice cream, even though it's only in the 50s! It's all relative...

We are headed to my second lacrosse game shortly. We won last week, and I loved it! (I loved it so much that I've practically lived in my jersey this week, as these pictures taken on multiple days attest!)

This week is our spring break, but we don't have much planned. It does look like we're going to have great weather, so I'm looking forward to lots of outside time!