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Sunday, March 01, 2015

A regular week

We managed to go to school every day this week! Well, almost – James’s ear infection turned into an eye infection, which kept him home from school on Thursday. But he and Mom have enjoyed their quality time. One of the things he admitted to Mom was that he really wanted some blue jeans. (If you know anything about James, you know he has actively avoided jeans for years!) So yesterday they went shopping – doesn’t he look so grown up!

While out and about, they learned about a snow sculpture in Marblehead and went to check it out. Pretty awesome!

They also went on their weekly trip to the library. I have discovered that I love Biscuit books, and I will happily read them all by myself.

Very exciting.

Yesterday was the parent-kid basketball game. Mom played with me, and Dad with James. Dr. Jon and GG got to do the tip-off! (GG totally won.)

James read in a magazine this week that President Obama has read all of the Harry Potter books, and James was curious about which was his favorite. Mom suggested that we use the awesome Harry Potter stationery that Torrie gave us to write him a letter and ask, so we each did! I sure hope we get a response.

This morning, the local theater was doing a special showing of Star Wars (the original) for our school. It was pretty cool (but a little scary!) to see it on the big screen!

Tonight we were joined by one of Mom and Dad’s friends from Australia, Dr. Paul. He and Mom will be headed to Canada later this week for a conference. We will miss her, but we know we’ll have lots of fun with Dad!

Happy birthday to Grandpa tomorrow!!!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Almost spring?

Today the temperature crept to nearly 40 degrees F, and it was wonderful. The snow started melting (which means we now have 5’11” drifts instead of 6’ drifts), you didn’t need gloves and a hat to go outside, and the sun was shining. Never mind that the forecast calls for single digits tomorrow night – we are taking it as a sign of spring.

Last week was Lilli and my “winter break”, and I spent it battling the flu. Yuck.

By Friday I was finally feeling better and eating again. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our planned getaway to VT with Torrie, Brian, and Tarzan, both because of my illness and the small leak in our ceiling (which we worried may become a big leak in our absence). It was such a bummer – we had been looking forward to that trip for quite a while!

Thank goodness we received a well-timed letter from Lil that contained tattoos!

Nothing is better than a good temporary tattoo.

One benefit of staying home is that Lilli and I were able to go to our last skating lesson of the session. It had been a few weeks since I skated, but my ice legs came back pretty quickly!

Lilli also had lots of time to operate her “restaurant” upstairs.

And do a few art projects

To celebrate feeling better, we invited Micah and Sadie to play today. We took advantage of the balmy weather to build several forts in the backyard. I worked on one under the picnic table

While Micah built an impressive arch by the hot tub.

So much fun!

Lil and Coach went to the GA Sports Hall of Fame event this weekend – if you remember, Coach was inducted last year. They got autographs for us from several really amazing athletes, including Charlie Ward

And gymnast Hope Spivey!

Coach also signed lots of autographs, but we are fortunate enough to have his already!

We are looking forward to school tomorrow and a “normal” week. Fingers crossed that this is our last really cold spell!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Breaking records

That’s right, folks – it has officially been the snowiest month on record (and it’s only the 15th), as well as the snowiest winter on record. Doesn’t that sound fun? To give you a sense for what that means, here is Scout walking along in the midst of our trees on the back patio – she can now look eye to eye with the birds when they land in the branches.

And here she is gazing over the top of our (6ft) fence checking out the snowy neighborhood!

It’s a LOT.OF.SNOW. (And that was before Dad cleared off the roof into our backyard.)

We’ve gotten pretty used to hanging out at home together. (It’s now more unusual to go to school / work!) We’ve had some epic Monopoly battles!

We did at least have Valentine’s Day to lift our spirits this week. I think it is a wonderful holiday, and I have embraced it whole-heartedly! I made Valentine’s for everyone in my class, everyone in our family (including Scout), and even Uncle Parks!

It doesn’t hurt that there’s lots of chocolate and other candy involved. Thanks very much to all of you who sent us cards on Valentine’s!

James was sick with a bad cold yesterday – it was a good thing that Mom and Dad gave him a new book (Calvin and Hobbes) for Valentine’s. I escaped the germs to have a fun playdate with my friends Christy and Sawyer.

Today was our most recent blizzard, but the snow stopped around lunch, so we suited up and went outside.

What a winter wonderland!

We created a pretty sweet sledding hill in the back yard, but Scout couldn’t grasp the fact that she needed to wait her turn, so we quickly gave up and went out front to “climb” the apple tree.

(There’s no climbing needed these days, other than up the snow bank to the branches!)

We’re expecting more snow later this week, so we’ll keep on breaking those records!


Sunday, February 08, 2015

Groundhog Day

Bad news, folks – the groundhog saw his shadow. Though I’m not sure we needed him to tell us that winter is not going away anytime soon. 

In addition to the actual groundhog day, apparently there is also a movie title Groundhog Day that Mom and Dad say that our life feels a lot like it these days, with snow, snow, and more snow! I think snow is great and all, but we really have enough. 

Scout had some excitement on Friday - a visit from Tarzan! (It's hard to tell them apart in the picture!) Torrie and Brian didn't have any heat in their condo, so they came to spend the night with us. It was fun to see them, and we'll get to visit again soon when we all go to VT together!

Before the next round of snow hits, we ventured into the city today to see Stuart Little.

It was great, and a fun adventure! (Well, not so fun when the T broke down on our way home, but we made it back safely!) When we got home, Dad pulled Lilli’s second tooth!

She is very proud.

Another snow day tomorrow. At this rate, we won’t be out of school until the 4th of July!


Monday, February 02, 2015

More snow!

Happy snow day! (We’re starting to think this may become a common thread this winter.) We were home on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week due to Blizzard Juno, which generated a really impressive amount of snow (best estimate = 28")!

James and I played all day, even at the height of the blizzard.  And of course, Scout joined us!

When we weren’t outside, Mom and I made some yummy muffins

And James and I got in lots of Lego and puzzle time.

By Wednesday, the sun was out, so we were able to enjoy the snow more fully. (Though honestly, we had more fun the day before!) We created a sledding hill in the front yard

And when that lost its luster, we went to GG’s to sled with her. We certainly wore ourselves out!

We went back to school Thursday and Friday. I drew a picture of our sledding adventures

And also wrote a kind note for James, who had to present his “Make or Do” project on Friday.

He did great!

On Friday night, I lost my first tooth!

No visit from the tooth fairy yet, because I want to take my tooth to school first and show it off before I turn it over to her.

We had our usual basketball and skating on Saturday, and then yesterday it was all about the Super Bowl! Go Pats!!

We had a fun party at Micah and Sadie’s house to cheer on the Patriots. We even made it to nearly the 4th quarter before Mom and Dad forced us to go home and get in bed. We were excited to get up this morning and hear the good news.

We’re home again for a snow day today, this time courtesy of Linus. We’re all going to be a bit stir crazy before this winter is over!!