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Monday, July 21, 2014

An amazing drip castle to end a soggy weekend

It was a rainy weekend, but we made the most of it!  The highlight was our visit yesterday with our dear friends Mrs. Kathy and Mr. Mark for lunch, and then Mrs. Mary and her family for dinner.  It rained like crazy during lunch and we couldn't go out on the boat as hoped, but we still loved catching up with Mrs. Kathy and Mr. Mark.  And then the rain actually stopped when we got to Mary's, so Lilli and I were able to play in the Gulf with Sadie, Tate, and Sam. We started by digging a hole,

And then Sadie had the great idea to let our hole serve as our 'aquarium' - basically a temporary holding tank for all the hermit crabs, snails, crown conchs, shrimp, and pipe fish we collected.

The tide started coming in, so we began fortifying the walls with drip castles.

It looked like a mini Hogwarts! 

We worked forever, lured inside only with the promise of ice cream after dinner. What a fun afternoon and evening!

There were other notable events this week - for one, they moved the lighthouse from its spot on the Cape because of beach erosion, and we got to watch it go by on its way to town!

Pretty amazing.

Amos spent several evenings with us while Coach was out of town and Lil went to dinner with friends.  We loved having him over, although he did try to eat "Part" one night!  Thankfully James saved her.

We also went into town to play at the pirate park,

Made a cozy wagon for Teddy and Hedwig to escape the many thunderstorms (complete with a mobile to entertain them!)

And spent a rainy afternoon coloring away while Mom and Dad enjoyed the Tap Room.

Today, Lil helped us make our favorite Jolly Rancher lollypops - so pretty!

And then we put together Scout's crate!! We of course had to test it out for her.

She arrives on Wednesday - can't wait!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our own wild kingdom

This week has been pretty quiet compared to last.  We missed playing with our cousins, but we could not have continued at the pace we were going for much longer anyway!  We were happy to see Courtney on Monday and re-start our adventures with her.  For the most part, this week that included swimming in her grandmother's pool all day!  In the afternoons, we would move to the big house to hang out with Coach, Lil, and Amos.  We worked on a tough puzzle (that we finished today!)

Went for walks in the bay

And scootered up and down the bike trail.

We've also had a great time observing all of the FL wildlife!  We've seen snakes eating frogs, a (big) frog eating a snake, JK Turtle eating a snake, a bobcat family, a bat on the deck, lots of fiddler crabs, and on and on.

This weekend, we enjoyed a visit with Mom's good friends Allyson and Mandee.

James and I had a sleepover with Coach and Lil while Mom and company went out for the night.  (Don't tell Mom, but I'm 100% sure we got the better end of that deal!)

Mom took a pretty good picture of last night's super moon while she was out - unfortunately we were long asleep before it even rose!

We're looking forward to Dad getting back from his field work this week!  And we hope to go crabbing with Courtney again...


Sunday, July 06, 2014

Family fun on the 4th of July!

We're back in FL!  We arrived late on Monday evening after a very long but not too bad day in the car.  We've had a great time with our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, dogs, etc!  Here are some pictures of the fun we've been having - we'll fill you in with good stories next week...


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Road trip

After three really fun days of Star Wars camp, we headed out Thursday morning on our summer road trip!  It was a long first day, but after the first 2 hours we settled in and enjoyed it as much as possible.  It sure helped that Torrie was thoughtful enough to give us an audio book of How to Train Your Dragon to give us something to bide the time.  And then we had Hadley to play with when we arrived in Alexandria!

We are so appreciative of the chance to play and visit with Hadley and her parents, and their dog Sydney!  Unfortunately, it was a very quick visit, as we got up early Friday morning and got on the road again. This time, it was a relatively quick jaunt to Durham where we celebrated Mama Jennie's birthday with her!

What a wonderful treat to see her on her actual birthday, and to get to look through the many family pictures she has (including lots of us, which we were most interested in). Happy, happy birthday, Mama Jennie!

Too soon, it was time to say goodbye, but after another couple of hours we made it to Grandma's!  And the best part is that we got to play with Noah when we got here,

And then we finally met Olivia!

It has been too long since we visited, and it is so fun to catch up. 

Noah and Olivia and Uncle Chris had to go back home that night, but we've been playing with Grandma, Mrs. Freddye, and visiting with Grandpa to keep ourselves busy.  Oh, and playing in Grandma's friend's pool!

We're on the road again tomorrow for the last (and longest!) leg of our journey - all the way to FL. We will be very sad to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa. It has been a wonderful visit. Thank goodness we have cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and Amos waiting to welcome us on the other end!