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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Camp Piney Woods

We had a great week at Camp Piney Woods!

James got to go last year, and I went for the first time this year. So. Much. Fun. Swimming, archery, BB guns, arts and crafts, frisbee golf - you name it, we did it. We can't wait to go back next year!

Aside from camp, we had lots of great dinners with Lil and Coach, and a fun afternoon visiting with JuJu's kitties. And Scout enjoyed her week in the condo with Amos.

We also checked out Coach's old stadium! Very neat.

After such a fun week, we were excited to catch up with Dad back at the beach and fill him in on our activities.

We had a great day today in the bay - the tide was in and the water was much cooler and more refreshing than the last time we were out!

We also went today to visit with Mrs. Mary and her wonderful family. We love playing with her grandchildren and enjoying the beautiful spot she calls home.

We are hopeful that they will come see us this week!

I was super excited to have mail from my friend Sofia waiting for me at the beach when we got back. I immediately wrote her a letter. Having a pen pal is wonderful!

We are looking forward to seeing Savannah (our babysitter from last summer) tomorrow and getting some time at the pool!


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Legos and friends and rainbows

We saw a rainbow this afternoon! There was a brief but heavy rain, and just as Lilli announced that it should cause a rainbow, we saw one out the window. It was a nice way to end the week!

The first part of our week was consumed with one thing - putting together our new Lego Millenium Falcon!

It was awesome, and we did a pretty good job of working together on it.

The only problem is that we're so worried about it breaking, we haven't wanted to play with it much! It came with lots of mini figures, though, and we're warming up to the fact that we could always put it back together again if we needed to.

We spent every evening last week after camp in the bay, but Mom never remembered to bring her camera. It was great to get back out there. Scout especially loved it, quickly picking back up her habit of eating seashells.

We've also been doing lots of reading - Lilli is reading the latest Land of Stories by herself, and I'm reading pretty much anything I can get my hands on.

Lilli also made a new mermaid outfit for Meredith - she looks pretty good!

Yesterday we came up to Thomasville so we can go to camp here this week. We also drove over to see Beauty and the Beast at the summer theater program we go to every year. Coach and Lil weren't able to join us, so we were really excited that JuJu came!

After the play, we had a great dinner with Aunt Martha, Larry, Margaret, and Debbie.

JuJu also took us to the movies this afternoon, which was a real treat. Otherwise, we've been pretty mellow - both of us are fighting off a slight cold, so we're trying to rest up before our busy and fun camp starts this week.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Made it!

We made it to FL!

We started our annual trek south on Thursday afternoon after James finished sailing camp. We spent the first night in a hotel in NJ, where we did see some fireflies! Then on Friday we made the long trek to Sophia and Audrey's in NC. We were so happy to see them! Saturday was filled with play, comparing who has grown the most this year,

And our annual James vs. girls soccer match.

He won (with some last minute assistance from Dad), but it was very close. (And we looked cute!)

Yesterday we drove on to FL in time for dinner with Coach and Lil! We're still getting settled in, but it is wonderful to be here. We promise more pics next week...


Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

It's our first Independence Day in MA, and we have had a blast. We did neighborhood fireworks on the 2nd, and then town fireworks last night for what we now call the best 3rd of July ever!

We were so tired after 2 late nights that we didn't even stay up for fireworks tonight. Instead, we went to the beach with Estani and Sofia

and had a wonderful dinner with Torrie and Tarzan and called it a night early.

It was our first week of summer vacation, and James started sailing camp.

He was skeptical at first, but he loves it!

He also had a flag football camp with Dion Lewis one night this week that was lots of fun.

While he and Mom were there, Dad and I had an ice cream date with Sofia and Lia.

And I made this awesome flag football uniform for Meredith.

Continuing my crafty streak, I made Meredith her own Teddy, like mine. I sewed all the buttons myself! Clearly Mom needs to turn over her (never used) sewing machine to me.

We leave on Thursday for our annual summer trek to FL! We absolutely can't wait.

Belated Happy Birthday to Mama Jennie!!!!


Sunday, June 26, 2016


We are finally on summer vacation, and we've kicked it off well!

Mom and I checked out the Harbor Fest yesterday, where I made this cute little sea turtle for the sand castle building contest

And then went to join Dad and James at his flag football tournament.

We rounded out the first day of vacation with some soccer in the front yard with Estani. A pretty wonderful day!

Today we had more football, followed by a wonderful afternoon at the beach with Sofia and Estani and their family.

It was a beautiful day - James and Dad even braved the cold water!

For our last week of school, my class had a fun beach day. No time in the water, but Christy and I made the most of it!

Friday night we had a fun party for Mom and Dad's labs at the new brewery in town. James and I entertained ourselves for a LONG time with Ms. Pacman. (Thank goodness it didn't require quarters!)

James has sailing camp tomorrow and I have a church camp. One more full week and then we'll celebrate our 1st 4th of July here! (We are usually already in FL.) We are looking forward to celebrating New England style.

Happy summer!