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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Keeping the tooth fairy in business

On Sunday night after Mom told you about the tooth I lost last week, I lost ANOTHER one! I can hardly keep my mouthguard in my mouth for lacrosse.

We were on spring break last week, so we went to camp in the mornings and played at home in the afternoons. It was a beautiful week for the most part, so we enjoyed it. Mom picked us up on Thursday after being at home with Coach and Lil for a few days, and we celebrated the 60 degree weather with a trip to the library followed by ice cream!

We started outdoor soccer this weekend, so we are fully enmeshed in spring sports. James and I both had a game early on Saturday, and then James had flag football practice in the afternoon. Today, James had his first club soccer game, and then we split up so that Mom and I could go to my lacrosse game

And Dad and James could go to his flag football game. It was a beautiful afternoon, but we weren't very good about documenting it with pictures!

Mom brought back a little gift for us from Coach - these really cool turtle charms! We immediately made necklaces so that we can wear them every day. Thanks!

Back to school tomorrow!


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another visit from the tooth fairy

I lost another tooth!

Although it looks like I would have difficulty eating, I also visited the dentist this week and she said that everything looked A-ok. As Lil said, I probably should have gotten a discount since there weren't many teeth to clean!

We've had a fun and pretty relaxing weekend. Mom and Dad had a work event Friday night, so we hung out with Molly. (We LOVE Molly.)

We also worked on our latest Kiwi / Tinker Crates. We love when they arrive each month!

Yesterday, Mom surprised us with the DVD of the new Star Wars movie. Torrie came over to watch it with us, and she even surprised us with some fun Star Wars themed toys, including this maze that, as the name suggests, has James and me totally perplexed!

Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather to get outside with a nice visit to Crocker Park. Like true New Englanders, we followed it up with some ice cream, even though it's only in the 50s! It's all relative...

We are headed to my second lacrosse game shortly. We won last week, and I loved it! (I loved it so much that I've practically lived in my jersey this week, as these pictures taken on multiple days attest!)

This week is our spring break, but we don't have much planned. It does look like we're going to have great weather, so I'm looking forward to lots of outside time!


Sunday, April 10, 2016


Today is my first lacrosse game! (It's unfortunately not until 6:15pm, so I'll have to add the pictures from the game next week.) We had our first outdoor practice and scrimmage yesterday, and it was really fun!

I've been nervous about my passing/catching skills, but as I learned yesterday, not many of the girls on my team are very good at that either, so the most important skill is to fight off everyone else until you can scoop the ball off the ground. It's a bit like a scrum, which I wasn't fully expecting, but I got in there and won a few balls by the end!

I also had a fun birthday party for my friend Chloe yesterday - we all had our hair and nails done at her house!

James and Mom came to pick me up after his flag football practice. I think he was a bit intimidated by the house full of girls, but a huge slice of ice cream cake more than made up for it!

Torrie and Tarzan came over for dinner last night. We shifted our usual Sunday night pizza night to Saturday since we won't have time to do that and lacrosse tonight. Tarzan and Scout were very happy to see (and cuddle with) each other.

James had his last basketball game yesterday but doesn't start flag football games until next weekend, so he's had a bit of a break from his usual weekend full of sports!

It's a sunny, if cold, day today - we're hoping we're all done with snow until next year! Mom even considered putting away our snow pants but decided not to jinx us, since we did get 3+ inches just last week...


Sunday, April 03, 2016


This weekend James wrapped up his indoor soccer season with a loss in the semifinals, and then quickly switched gears to flag football today with an indoor clinic run by the Marblehead HS team.

He's on the Panthers this season, which he and Dad are pretty excited about!

While James and Dad were at football, Mom and I cozied up on her bed and I read to her.

I had a break from sports this weekend - I have my first lacrosse game next weekend - but I did have TWO birthday parties today!  First was GG's roller skating party, which was a blast!

(That's me in peach, and James in front of me in green.)

Even her dad made a few laps around the rink, despite skates that were several sizes too small!

After GG's party, Mom and I went to another party for one of my classmates that was also lots of fun. I was definitely ready for bed tonight!

Yesterday, I helped Mom with her field trip to the marine lab. Despite rainy and chilly weather, we had a good day exploring the rocky intertidal!

I also had my biography project this week - I chose (completely on my own) to do mine on Hillary Clinton, and I really enjoyed learning more about her.

Although we're all ready for spring - it is April after all! - we had snow last night and are due for more tomorrow, with cold temps throughout the week. Fingers crossed (by Mom and Dad, at least) that tomorrow is not a snow day.

Go Tarheels!


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

I hope you have all had as fun an Easter as we have had! I was very excited about the Easter Bunny this year, to the point of making my own costume,

Plus one for my doll,

And baskets for both Scout and my doll.

I was so excited that the Easter bunny left them eggs too! (Scout's had dog food in them.)

We decorated eggs yesterday

Hunted for them this morning

And then James and I put on an Easter egg hunt for our 1 year old friend Izaak a bit later in the morning on the back patio.

I think he enjoyed it!

It was hard to convince James to put down the book he got in his Easter basket to join in the rest of the fun!

Our "crates" from Torrie arrived last week, so we've been busy with magic tricks (me) and lots of polymer creation (James).

Think slime, bouncy balls made of goo, etc. The slime reminded Mom of a movie she used to like, so on Friday night we branched out and watched Flubber! (Not the original black and white version, but a pretty good remake from the late 90s with Robin Williams.) We loved it!

On Monday, we had a snow day!

They called school off the night before, but it actually didn't snow that much. But we weren't complaining! We had a great playdate with Sofia and Estani to celebrate the day off of school. Hopefully that's our last snow until next year...

Hoppy, hoppy Easter!


PS - Sophia and Audrey, we sure missed seeing you this year!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Happy St. Patrick's Day! We tried our best to catch a leprechaun, with enticing pictures, traps, and noisemakers (to alert us to their presence), to no avail.

At least they did leave us a chocolate coin, though!

We struggled all week to catch up with the time change (made even more challenging by Lilli's long nap on Sunday afternoon).

I think we're finally back to normal!

We were saddened last week that Brian and Torrie had to put one of their cats to sleep. Lilli drew them this nice note at school that I think made them smile.

We smiled when we received packages from Lil and Coach this week - a new bathing suit for me and a cute spring outfit for Lilli!

Thank you! Hopefully we'll be able to wear them both soon, though we're due for a snow storm tonight! So much for the first day of spring.


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring has sprung

I'm sure we'll get some more cold weather, but the majority of our recent days have definitely felt like spring! Mom, Scout, and I went on a lovely hike with Brian, Torrie, and Tarzan today.

It was shirt-sleeves weather, and there were lots of rocks to climb on.

The dogs took a dip in the lake, and I was quite jealous!

James was at a birthday party, or I know he would have wanted to come. He had a sports-filled weekend as usual - basketball Saturday morning, soccer Saturday evening, and a 3-on-3 basketball tournament this morning.

Makes me tired just thinking about it! We also had a marathon playdate with Estani and Sofia yesterday, most of it spent running around at the park to make the most of the sunny and warm weather.

I've also spent lots of time this week planning and then making my leprechaun trap.

I know they are generally not successful, but I have high hopes for this one!

Hope Spring has arrived where you are too!