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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Harry Potter Mania

Today was our joint Harry Potter birthday party, and it was awesome! The morning got off to an amazing start when we woke to find that Uncle Parks, Aunt Lexi, Sophia, and Audrey had somehow managed to get us full Griffyndor regalia to wear to the party, delivered to our house in the middle of the night!

(Mom says it was magic; we think Uncle Parks went on a secret mission.)

Thankfully we didn't have too long to wait before it was time to go to the Y and get set up.  Check out the golden snitch cake pops!

(Note: Mom did not make the cake pops or the sorting hat - she had to draw the line somewhere!)

As soon as our friends started arriving, they geared up in their capes and the games began.

Coach Anthony did an amazing job on all the games - we played Harry Potter tag, had a relay race, and then started playing Quiddtich. (After, of course, he sorted us into houses using the sorting hat.) He even had Harry Potter music to play during the final Quidditch match between Griffyndor and Slytherin!

We all had so much fun running around and playing.

We worked up quite an appetite, so then we enjoyed lots of pizza, chocolate frogs, and golden snitches.

After we ate, we shared the gift bags that we helped Mom make for our friends, complete with wands, more chocolate frogs and wizard cards, potions, Bertie Bott's beans, and a ticket to Hogwarts.

It was a wonderful party!!

When we got home, we realized that we accumulated a lot of loot ourselves!  It was like Christmas in October.  We are happy with all of our new presents, but we both agreed that the costumes were the best part!

The new stomp rockets are also pretty darn cool.

Yesterday, we had a good day playing soccer

And football

Made all the more special because Grandma is here with us!  We have loved playing with her and having her share in our birthday party.

Hope you had as fun and special a weekend as we did!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

EIGHT years old!!

Yep, I am now 8 years old! Hard to believe.

We celebrated with dinner of my choice (hamburgers and corn stuff) followed by pound cake. (Mom did a pretty good job, but it wasn't as good as Lil's!)

Then it was time for presents! First I opened Lilli's card

And then we both opened our cards from Mama Jennie.

Thank you!

Next, it was on to Coach and Lil's present - my very own Hogwarts trunk filled with EVERY Harry Potter book!  So cool.

I now move it from room to room with me all day long, and I love to pull all the books out and cross reference them as I read one.

The final present of the night was from Mom and Dad, and if you can tell by my eyes, I was super excited.

A Lego Hogwarts castle!  (The very thing that Mom had told me I would probably never get because they don't make them anymore.) Lilli was as excited or more, and we immediately started working on it.

What an awesome birthday! Scout enjoyed it too.

On Friday, I had my first morning (before school) of math club. I was very proud of my work!

Yesterday we had a break from sports because of the Columbus Day weekend, so we had a fun day at home gearing up for Lilli and my birthday party next weekend. We made wands and wizard cards for all of our friends, and Mom worked on the capes, potions, and Bertie Bott's beans.  We even have a sorting hat! 

It's going to be so much fun!

Lilli and I also read some Shel Silverstein together (or really I read to her, but Shh! don't tell anyone).

Today, we enjoyed the beautiful fall weather by going apple and pumpkin picking. The best part - Scout was able to go, and we were joined by Brian, Torrie, and Tarzan!

We got loads of apples, a couple of pumpkins, and we had a blast running around the farm.

A belated Happy Birthday to Sophia! We can't wait to hear the details of your party with Audrey.