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Sunday, July 05, 2015

A summer project

Happy 4th of July!

We had a wonderful weekend with Aunt Julia, Jim, Coach, and Lil!

It was a dog party - big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, and white dogs, all at a dog party! (Well, at least Scout had fun - she may have frightened Ace and Stella a bit with her energy and size.)

We had lots of beach time, bay time, food, and merriment. So much fun. I just wish Sophia and Audrey could have been here too.

Starting this week, there will be a bit of a change to the blog - Mom is handing over the reigns to us for the summer! James and I will jointly narrate and photo-document our adventures on our summer vacation. That will probably mean we'll be posting on Mondays or Tuesdays rather than Sunday, but don't worry - the posts will be amazing!


Sunday, June 28, 2015

A very long road trip

First things first – a very special happy birthday to Mama Jennie!! We are so glad that Dad was able to give his birthday wishes in person yesterday. We would have loved to come, but after 18 hours (!!) in the car on Thursday, we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to get in the car again. We will have to have a belated celebration in August when we are back in NC.

As I mentioned above, we had a very long drive to get to Sophia and Audrey’s new house in NC on Thursday. We had basically every possible non-serious delay en route – traffic, construction, torrential rain, etc. Although Scout did find a very big stick to chew on during one of our brief stops.

It is hard to explain how relieved we were to finally get here! We have been making the most of our time with our cousins the last couple of days. 

It is really hot, so we made a quick trip to the store for hot-weather provisions – a pool, a sprinkler, and popsicles!

In the mornings, we’ve taken advantage of the (slightly) cooler weather to plays some girls on boy soccer. It’s a pretty good match-up!

We have also enjoyed exploring Sophia and Audrey’s new home and playing in their awesome new house / yard. Scout is in heaven with a large lawn to explore at her leisure!

Tomorrow we are back on the road to complete our journey to FL. Thankfully it should be a shorter day than Thursday!

Welcome to Caden and Finn who are staying in our house this week while they visit friends. We are so sad to miss seeing them, but we love knowing that they are taking good care of our house! (I am also excited to see what neat things Caden may create with my legos.)


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Dad Day!

Thank you to all the wonderful Dads in our lives! We have enjoyed celebrating with ours today. It was a rainy day, but we made the most of it, with presents for Dad, a yummy breakfast from his favorite bakery, a movie date, and a delicious family dinner. A wonderful final Sunday in MA before our summer vacation!

School gets out on Tuesday, and we have been busy with end-of-year activities. On Friday, my class had a Beach Day, and Mom was able to join us to help us make observations, hypotheses, and even conduct a mini-experiment. (We found more crabs hiding under big rocks than small rocks. And I was the best in my group at picking rocks with crabs underneath!)

We followed the beach field trip with a pizza picnic, where we were joined by Dad. Such a fun day!

Saturday was our final soccer game of the season. James and I both played hard and had lots of fun. We are already looking forward to the fall season!

Next update will come from either NC or FL!!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wrapping up the year

Only one more full week of school left! We’ve been busy with end-of-year celebrations, end-of-season sports games, etc., as we count down to our departure for FL in a week and a half. Monday was Field Day at School, and we had lots of fun!

Lilli particularly liked the face paint.

Yesterday we had our 2nd to last soccer games. We will miss Saturday morning soccer! In the afternoon, Ben and Ms. Cynthia came for a visit. We hadn’t seen them in forever, and it was so nice to play with Ben! We had a picnic dinner on the beach, which is one of our favorite early summer activities.

Today was my last football game. If we had won, we would have played another, but alas, the Browns were too much for us. It was a fun season, though!

After the game, we decided to break in our new side yard. We planted grass a couple of months ago, and it is finally ready. Dad and I played our first game of bocce ball while Scout looked on.

I need to get used to the new angles and bumps, but it’s nice to be able to play without having to put Scout on her lead!

Only one more weekend at home before we head south for the summer. We are looking forward to our trip!


Sunday, June 07, 2015

Spirit Week

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper blog post filled with pictures and stories…and it’s not going to happen this week either. Mom had the best of intentions, but she has been battling some flu-like bug all weekend. Not fun! And not conducive to taking lots of pictures. So we’ll just have to fill you in with stories and share the few pictures she managed to take when not sleeping.

It was Spirit Week at school this week – Tuesday was Crazy Hair / Mustache Day, and James and I went for the latter. (I actually had mildly crazy hair too, but James got his hair cut one week too early and didn’t have much to work with on the hair front.)

We also had Mix-match Day, Costume Day, and Hawaiian Day. It was fun! But the most fun will be tomorrow – Field Day! (Originally scheduled for last week, but postponed due to the torrential rains we had last Monday.) I’m pretty excited for my first field day.

Yesterday we played soccer, and then after lunch Mom took us to the library and to get ice cream. (Mostly because the ice cream place was right near the pharmacy where she was stopping to get medicine.) Dad, James and I played some tennis in the driveway, but then we decided that Mom and Scout looked pretty comfortable relaxing in the front yard, so we joined them.

Today we met GG and some friends for some freelance soccer and time on the playground, and then it was time for James’s football game. James is now mowing the grass so we can have an afternoon bocce ball matchup before pizza night. Not bad for a weekend at home!


Sunday, May 31, 2015

A short week

Not much to report this week, other than I finally won a game of solitaire! We learned this one at the same time that we picked up "war", and I have been playing consistently, without much success. I was so proud of this win that we had to document it.

The only other pics of this week are cell phone pictures of our school photos that came home. Don't Lilli and I look great with our fake smiles?

We had a fun day of soccer yesterday (I scored 2 goals!), our weekly trip to the library, and then helped our friend Vivienne celebrate her 3rd birthday. Today it rained, which meant no flag football, but we do need the rain and a quiet day at home wasn't so bad. We spiced it up with a trip to the bookstore so that Lilli and I could spend the tooth fairy money (and other loose change) we've accumulated on books of our choice - a Star Wars lego book for me (which you can't get at the library) and Fancy Nancy for Lilli. Torrie and Tarzan came over to share pizza with us, and as always, they were great company!

Only a few weeks left of school! We are looking forward to our summer in FL. We were super bummed not to be there this week with Audrey and Sophia, but we're glad they had a good time!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Memories old and new

Happy Memorial Day, and many thanks to all of the brave men and women who protect our country! We honored the day by attending the town ceremony.

It was brief but nice, even if the pollen is making Lilli and Mom pretty miserable right now. The inch worms helped make up for the runny noses! (Thankfully, Dad and I seem to be allergy-free, which is ironically the opposite of when we were in FL.)

We have had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Saturday was a soccer-free day, so we spent the morning on our usual errands (library, grocery store), and then spent the afternoon playing at Micah and Sadie’s house. Since their dad had to work, we invited them to come here for dinner after our playdate. We love hanging out with them!

Yesterday was equally fun. We had a lazy morning and then went to my football game.

My coach let me direct the defense (deciding who would play, and what position they would be in for each series). I liked the responsibility! I also played center for the first time, which I like because I can quickly run down field for a pass after hiking the ball. I had one beauty right in my hands and then it slipped out. I’ll get it next time!

Torrie, Brian, and Tarzan came over for a bit so Tarzan and Scout could play, and then we packed up for an evening at the beach with friends. I didn’t even bother wearing my bathing suit – I have learned how cold the ocean is up here – but I had a ton of fun regardless!

It’s hard to beat a pizza dinner on the beach with friends.

And that brings us to the end of our long weekend! We are going to GG’s for an early dinner tonight before it’s back to the “real world” tomorrow. Thankfully neither Mom nor Dad have to travel this week (they were both gone at different times last week). We are looking forward to enjoying the next month before we head to FL for summer vacation!