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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Goodbye to Florida

We have had an awesome last week in FL! We spent most of it with Coach and Lil in Thomasville. We went to a wonderful art class, got lots of back to school goodies (including our own monogrammed Yeti water bottles!), and even got to ride horses!

Thank you to Margaret for that treat - we loved it.

On Friday we caught back up with Mom and Dad at the cape after their conference, and we had a full weekend of fun to wrap up our FL summer. We had 2 wonderful days at the beach, but today's was extra special because Coach was able to join us!

Last night, we roasted marshmallows,

And tonight we followed up a great trip to the Tap Room with an evening on the dock.

We are so sad to leave Coach, Lil, and Amos tomorrow, but we are looking forward to our visit with Aunt Julia and Jim and then with Grandma and Grandpa. It has been another wonderful summer vacation!


Sunday, August 07, 2016

Happy birthday, Mom!

On Monday, we celebrated Mom's birthday! We had a fun afternoon in the bay / on the dock,

And of course we had a great party that evening complete with Coach burgers and Lil pound cake.

We also learned to shoot a BB gun with Coach (in a ballet costume, in Lilli's case)

And finally completed the puzzle we have all been working on.

That's a hard birthday to beat!

On Tuesday morning, we went to watch the Turtle Patrol dig the nest that we adopted.

There were quite a few eggs that did not hatch, most likely because the nest was submerged with water during a storm in June, but there were at least 8 that made it out of the nest!

We've been doing lots of reading - Lilli is a total bookworm now!

On Wednesday we tried out an art class in town that was lots of fun.

Thursday and Friday were very rainy, so we got out of the house Friday evening and went to the Tap Room. Lilli did a nice impersonation of their owl logo!

The weekend has been wonderful - Coach, Lil, and Amos returned and we've gotten in lots of beach time

As well as lots of time on the porch watching a big thunderstorm. (Amos wasn't a big fan of the thunderstorm, but we kept him cozy and safe!)

This is our last week in FL this summer! Mom and Dad are going to a conference, so we'll spend it with Lil and Coach, and even sneak in another trip to GA mid-week. It's hard to believe the summer has passed so quickly!


Sunday, July 31, 2016

New kayaks

James and I got our own kayaks!

We love them, and are actually not too bad at scooting around in the bay on our own.

Scout doesn't like that she can't come with us, but she is very good about waiting faithfully on shore until we come back.

We also finally had our first beach day yesterday!

The water was perfect, and we had a great time boogie boarding, swimming, and playing in the sand.

Yesterday, the turtle nest that Lil and Coach adopted for us started to hatch, so last night we went back to the beach to see if we could watch any more turtles climb out.

Turns out there were armies of mosquitos, but not turtles, at least for the 30 minutes that we could handle the bugs!

The good news is that we will get to go on Tuesday morning with Lil's turtle partners to dig it up and see how the nest fared.

Lil and Coach (and Amos!) came back this afternoon, and we were so excited to see them. We had a great dinner at the Raw Bar and a fun evening on the porch. We are looking forward to celebrating Mom's birthday with them tomorrow.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Camp Piney Woods

We had a great week at Camp Piney Woods!

James got to go last year, and I went for the first time this year. So. Much. Fun. Swimming, archery, BB guns, arts and crafts, frisbee golf - you name it, we did it. We can't wait to go back next year!

Aside from camp, we had lots of great dinners with Lil and Coach, and a fun afternoon visiting with JuJu's kitties. And Scout enjoyed her week in the condo with Amos.

We also checked out Coach's old stadium! Very neat.

After such a fun week, we were excited to catch up with Dad back at the beach and fill him in on our activities.

We had a great day today in the bay - the tide was in and the water was much cooler and more refreshing than the last time we were out!

We also went today to visit with Mrs. Mary and her wonderful family. We love playing with her grandchildren and enjoying the beautiful spot she calls home.

We are hopeful that they will come see us this week!

I was super excited to have mail from my friend Sofia waiting for me at the beach when we got back. I immediately wrote her a letter. Having a pen pal is wonderful!

We are looking forward to seeing Savannah (our babysitter from last summer) tomorrow and getting some time at the pool!