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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

We have had such a fun-filled week!  It started bright and early Monday morning when GG's dad dropped her off at our house and Mom and I got to walk she and James to school.

Then, that evening, we celebrated our dear friend Caden's birthday party while he and his family were here for a visit!

It was such a fun party, and of course we loved seeing Caden and baby Finn.

On Wednesday, I swam in my first ever swim meet!

Backstroke and freestyle, and 2 ribbons to prove it!

Thursday, Mom was back at my school to watch my ballet Peak Week.  Despite my timid face, I love ballet, and Mom was pleased that I was such a good listener all class.

James also had an exciting day on Thursday - he went with Dad to help give the final exam to his class on campus!  He apparently did a great job of playing quietly and also writing how much time was left on the chalkboard.

On Friday, James was on holiday, so I stayed home too and we had a really fun playdate with Caden.  He gave us the awesome castle that we decorated at his birthday party!  (It wouldn't fit very well on the plane ride back to CA.) 

We have been playing in it ever since - what a wonderful gift! After lunch with Caden and his family, we had a little down time before our cousins arrived!!

We have had the best time. There's of course been tons of time playing in the castle, but we also went to my soccer game yesterday (where I scored multiple goals!)

Dyed easter eggs

Decorated the back patio with chalk and then had a dance party, and of course, hunted for Easter eggs!

We woke up to find that the Easter bunny had left us each a basket of new books.  James was especially surprised / excited to learn that there is a sequel to Zombie Goldfish! (He's had a hard time putting it down.)

We did an excellent job finding the eggs on the patio and in the front yard, and we were all particularly kind to Audrey and let her find some too.

After downing lots of candy, it was time to burn some energy, so we went to the playground at James's school.

We tried hard to fly a kite, but the wind was rather intermittent so we had only limited success. That didn't keep us down for long, though!

We have the rest of the afternoon to play before our cousins leave in the morning.  And then Mom, James, and I head down to FL on Wednesday for spring vacation!!  We are so excited.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring sports

We finally had some true spring weather here this week!  Although today it's back to rainy and cool, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous - a perfect day to kick of our spring sports seasons.  Lilli started us off with soccer yesterday morning. (That's her in the center with the Minnie Mouse hat on.)

Go Team Violet!

The town league has soccer professionals who coach and lead drills for the first 30 minutes, and then the teams play a game in the second 30 minutes.  It's pretty cool!

Lilli showed her ability to run up and down the field more than anyone, but she's lost a bit of her aggression for going after the ball over the winter break.  I'm sure it will come back to her!

In the afternoon, I finally had a chance to try out all of my new baseball gear at my first (2 hour!) practice.

We have another 2 hour practice tonight! Mom, Dad, and Lilli are on the fence about the number of hours they're going to spend watching baseball over the next 2 months, but I love it.

Our dear friend Caden is in town with his folks this week, so we're excited to see him and celebrate his birthday tomorrow night.  And Sophia and Audrey arrive for a visit on Friday!

Happy Spring!


Sunday, April 06, 2014

A hike in the Blue Hills with some blue sky

Yesterday we had a wonderful outing with Torrie, Brian, and Tarzan to the Blue Hills.  It was awesome to run around outside,

Climb rocks

And play with Tarzan.

(And eat Torrie's delicious cookies.) We'll definitely have to go back soon!

Today we celebrated GG's birthday with lots of fun at Pump it Up.

I immediately took a nap when we got home - we were worn out!

James has been working on a book of poetry to enter into a contest at the local bookstore. 

He's come up with some pretty awesome spring and summer poems!  Just fall and winter to go before he's finished.

I start soccer next week - can't wait!  And James will be playing Little League soon.  It's finally feeling like actual spring around here!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mad Scientist Lab (and other rainy weather news)

Lilli and I have been busy this weekend building a "mad scientist" lab with anything we can find in the recycling bin.  (Mom notes that apparently she and Dad have not given a very good impression of scientists!)

Today, Lilli's friend Sophia and her older sister Isabella came over and helped us with our lab, and then we had a dance party!

Lilli and Sophia also enjoyed playing dress-up.

All in all, a good way to spend a very rainy weekend!

Lilli has been studying space at school, and she made this awesome planet for the school art show.

She and Saskia were excited to check out all the other art at the show.

On Friday, they had a Space Party!

Lilli can now tell you all you need to know about dwarf planets...